What a Good Essay Is and Getting Started

what-a-good-essay-is-and-getting-startedTo define a good essay, we can use the words well-structured, coherent, logical in flow, sufficiently supported, properly referenced, presented in an appropriate style and written with good English. This is how the Edinburgh Napier University defines a good essay in their website at http://www2.napier.ac.uk/gus/writing_presenting/essays.html#good You should achieve these adjectives in your essays. You can do this on your own or using help with essay writing.

Making a good essay requires that you present ideas and information in a well structured and coherent way. Your essay should flow logically from the introduction to the conclusion. The ideas and arguments you present in it should be supported by evidence. Throughout your writing, you should properly and completely credit your sources. And equally important, you should present your writing in the appropriate style and good written English. To do all these, you can get help with essay difficulties you may have.

You can start with yourself first without help with essay tasks. The first step is reading in preparation for your writing. This task is naturally interesting for you because you are learning from what you are doing. The next part is identifying the information and ideas you will use. This is where the difficulties will start. This is specially so when you start to attempt to organise the ideas and information into a coherent unit.

Here are some tips that can help you. First, you should start with your essay title, topic or question. Make it the starting point of your planning. Identify the main themes, sections or areas which you will deal with. Then, determine how the pieces of information and ideas link together. You already have made an initial analysis of the title, topic or question before you started your readings or research. However, you need to do a new analysis that will take into account what you have derived from reading.

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