Tips for Successful Students

The most common impediment to success encountered by college students (lack of effective techniques or methods for study and exam preparation). Successful students exhibit a combination of successful attitudes and behaviours as well as intellectual capacity. Chances are that if you are reading this, you are already a somewhat successful student. However, the higher up you go in the education hierarchy, the more schemes you will need to stay successful.

Consider these tips and thoughts for academic success


You should always take the notes for a particular class or subject in the same notebook. Your notes should only contain important and complete record of what the professor being discussed, do not just write every word spoken, get only the ideas of the subject matter. Anything the instructor writes or being discussed on the board should appear in your notes, once the instructor writes on the board, he/she considers it important.

Be a Responsible and Be Active

We go to school to learn not to be taught, so whatever the instructor says and you do not understand what is being taught or discussed, say something or ask a question. Ask a question if you are confused the things that you do not understand but do not interrupt, ask a question right after the discussion. The process helps you pay attention to your instructor and helps you professor pay attention to you. Always participate as fully as you can if there are group activities.

Do not skip in class, skipping class is not good and this is the best way to fail, go to all classes all the time and be a part of each one and strive to be good at it. Make your classes your highest priority.


In preparing your assignments, do not leave assignments until the day before they are due, do it as soon as possible, do not wait for the deadline of the assignments or any projects because in most cases, professors will be delighted to receive work early and will not accept late projects at all.

If you have paper research, writing essays and other related paper work, make it sure that the appearance of the work you submit is very presentable (if possible all the projects/assignments should always be typed, this is a plus point to you!


Preparing for an exam is probably the most important thing to any student to focus on and get a high grade. Before the exam or two weeks before the exam, you should be regularly review your notes, read your notes a couple of times and understand the content and do not forget to highlight major topics and subtopics of your notes. Do not just memorize your notes from beginning to end, the most important thing is to understand what you are reading, get the ideas.

I addition, on exam day, try not to cram. This only increases the feeling of desperation which leads to panic and then to test anxiety. Get a good night’s sleep, bring the necessary writing materials (erasers, writing tools, etc.). Be wary of what the professor has specified as permitted for use.

Final Word

Education is your #1 priority at this time in your life. Focus in your education, this is the single most important and the only sword for success. Focus on what you are doing, on where you are at the moment. Focus on each and every class assignment. Do not let your attention be diluted with outside interests until your school work completed.

About Author: Daphne Coleman