Suggestions for Selecting Accounting Essay Topics

The academic accounting essays are not just written by university students taking up courses or degree programs in accounting, but those essays are also written by individuals studying courses or degree programs in business education, economics, finance, management, and other disciplines related to accounting. Accounting is a diverse discipline so that many topics could be obtained or formed from that discipline especially for students who have to perform accounting essay writing tasks.

Students who are given the option of choosing the topics for their accounting essays would initially be confused or struggle on how they would choose the right topics for their essays. However, they could just do some research about accounting and the students would learn that the easiest way to select the appropriate topics for their accounting essay writing tasks would be to concentrate the discipline of accounting into several major groups.

A basic research of accounting would show that the discipline could be focused into five major groups consisting of the key concepts of accounting, the major fields of accounting, financial statements, auditing, and accounting qualifications. Each of the five major groups contain topics and sub-topics in which a student could further break them down until he could come up with a specific topic for his accounting essay. For example, the main topic of bookkeeping is under the key concepts and a student could simplify the bookkeeping topic by focusing on a specific small business and the impact of proper bookkeeping on its finances.

Other possible accounting essay topics are the current or relevant issues or concerns in accounting that have become topics in current news and events. An example is the series of high profile and well-publicised accounting scandals in the United States and revealed from 2001 onwards. The accounting scandals involved large scale corporations, accounting and auditing firms, and well-known business and corporate executives. For example, a student using a specific  accounting scandal that occurred in the U.S., as the topic for his essay could focus his discussion on the accounting methods or techniques used to hide the true financial position of the business that was failing and on the verge of bankruptcy.

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