Starting with a Conclusion

starting-with-a-conclusionGoing into the writing phase of your whole writing process, the most important part is your conclusion. This is the end product of your writing. The concluding portion of essays is found in end part of the writing. However, one best way to write is to start with your conclusion. In fact, you can start your writing phase best with your conclusion.

The first three steps of process of writing essays are interpreting the question, planning your time on how to carry out the whole process and reading which includes researching and making notes. They are the preparation phase. Your writing phase can start with processing your research and thinking with the aim of establishing a position.

To be able to think and establish your position in your essays, ask yourself what conclusions can you make. Look at what you have read and think about what conclusion they have led you to. Put down into writing what would you want to say in your writing work. You can do this by jotting down anything that comes into your mind and then organising them into an outline. When you actually write, keep this outline in mind or use it as a guide in measuring how much time, effort and words you should put into each part.

When making our plan or outline, you should organise your notes in to a sequence which is logical. This will give your work a structure. Base your writing on the basic structure of introduction-discussion-conclusion. Each of these three parts of the structure are important and has a specific and different purpose.

Write your introduction with the aim of giving readers an overview of what you will talk about and how you will lay down such discussion. It is your discussion portion or main body in which you will explain your argument. To write your conclusion, make a summary of the main points of your discussion and give your answer to the question being posed to you which you are aiming to answer in your writing.

About Author: Daphne Coleman