Referencing Guide for Education Essay Assignment

referencing-guide-for-education-essay-assignmentDoing your education essay assignment requires you to give a bibliography where you write the references from which you derived your research and ideas for your work. They are the materials which you have read. You have cited them in your work. There are many varied methods of referencing. If you will notice, the journal articles and books which you have read may have come in referencing styles which are different from one another. The specific style you need to use in your work may be specified by your tutor or in your course guide. You need to check for this and follow it.

Writing, specifically the education essay, requires you to get some ideas and theories on which you can base or build your own argument. There is no other way of developing your thesis, but to do so. Further, an argument or thesis is a requirement in the task. Thus, you need to use the ideas and theories which come from authors. Side by side this action is the need to give full credit to these authors who own the ideas and theories. The means to do so is by referencing. This is why it is important. Not citing and not referencing will make your work appear to be totally your own. However, there are portions which are not. These two contributing factors result to plagiarism which is using other people’s ideas without giving credit to them. It will appear that you stole the ideas from the authors.

The difficulty of writing the education essay makes referencing much more necessary on your part. You need ideas and theories to help you start and develop your own argument. Besides, referencing does not only show that you are not stealing other people’s ideas. It shows that you have done your “homework.” It means that you have done what is required. The writing assignment requires you to read, study and research. Referencing will show the pieces of evidence that you have done these. If you have not done so, you will not have anything to put in the citation, references and bibliography.

About Author: Daphne Coleman