Powerpoint Presentations: A View That Matters

powerpoint-presentations-a-view-that-mattersOftentimes, it is difficult to listen to what experts say about conducting powerpoint presentations. Students see in front of them, someone who’s done hundreds of talks throughout their lifetime; students, on the other hand, had only a handful – some of which were far from being something memorable.

To sum it up, students are experiencing a serious case of being overwhelmed. While they hear great tips and profound foundation about slide design and delivery, they can’t help but wonder: “Am I really up for this?

Recognising the glitch

Good thing, expert public speakers know this. And they are able to address this by sharing their personal experience, their own authentic struggles regarding the creation of their powerpoint presentations slides, and its delivery.

Experts do this in the hopes to establish a link with the student-audience, the advice-recipient. Such stories represent the clear logic behind every improved design and delivery: that with every complexity, a new idea is born.

Hence, students themselves don’t need to suffer from the pangs of anxiety derived out of public speaking or slide-making. Rather, they should be thankful as this gives them the grand opportunity to swing up from the previous disappointments of standing in front and failing to meet the objective of the talk.

Unstinted challenges

With this renewed view, students should not expect to perfect every speech they make. Even the frequency by which students approach the platform or lectern could never guarantee the lack of difficulties.

In reality, the challenges involved with powerpoint presentations does not stop from design and mock-talks – rather, it is only the start. The rest of the challenges are expected to approach students the moment they step on that elevated platform and attempt to establish interactive connection with the audience.

The challenge will occur every time one of the audiences asks a considerably profound question. The challenges come as soon as you start, and even as you end it, as you will receive feedback. Most of all, it is also up to you to synch in with how you think you did it, and how people actually saw it.

Impact on you

The challenge is immense and there’s evidently, no point in ignoring it. At this point, it is crucial that students pay heed and practice as consistently as they can muster. Presentations or lectures – these may be minute-affairs, yet, its impact on your growth as a communicator and as a social being is outstanding. The same point applies in your mark, as well.

Hence, avoid shying away from the inevitable public speaking. Enjoy the design and make it relevant for your audience. Finally, make the most in this opportune time of making yourself heard and showing what you got.

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