General Tips For Research Essay Writing Tasks and Writing Research Papers

general-tips-for-research-essay-writing-tasks-and-writing-research-papersResearch essay tasks and the writing of research papers or term papers that are researched and written simultaneously within the same academic term are common academic tasks for university and college students especially for those who are taking up academic programmes in the disciplines of the social sciences, formal sciences, natural sciences, and the professions and applied sciences. I am currently a first year university student taking up a bachelor’s degree in economics and by the start of the third term, we had several tasks for researching and writing research essays, and two research paper tasks that we had to complete before the end of the first term.

Since I was still new to the writing styles of academic essays and term papers in the higher education level, I had to ready and study various materials in the university library on how to research and write a research essay and a research paper. I also read various Internet websites and talked to my fellow pupils so I could learn from them about general to specific essay writing tips for research essays and tips on how to write a research paper. From the materials that I read and studied in the library, I took down several notes for research paper writing and for the writing of research essays and together with the online articles that I downloaded from the Internet websites that I read, I was able to make my own written lesson on how to research and write research essays and term papers.

The general tips that I learned in writing a research essay included the tips on the outlining of research essays, which are also applicable for a research paper. I learned that outlining the essay would help me in developing a thesis statement, and in thinking and organising the main points and ideas of my essay. The tips for outlining research essays include:

  • The outline is based on the general essay structure consisting of the introduction, body and conclusion. Write down the three parts or sections in a paper, structure each part with the use of Roman numerals, or capital letters of the alphabet.
  • The introduction consists of one paragraph that has a brief summary of the topic, the research methodology used for the study, and the expected findings or results. The last part of the paragraph is the thesis statement that states the argument of the topic or what the essay is trying to prove or disprove.
  • The body has several paragraphs that contain the background information for the topic, and the main points, supporting information for the arguments, extensive discussion of the methods of investigation, the findings and results of the study, and the impact of the findings. The conclusion summarises the discussions from the body and emphasizes the results.
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