A Coursework Plan Based on Assessment Guidelines

Plans are required of students who are in coursework writing. You will develop a plan of how you will study and submit it to your advisor for approval. The plan should be consistent with the program requirements and your goals with respect to academic knowledge and professional career which you have identified or will identify together with the plan.

The coursework writing and study plan will be formalised based on the appropriate program and degree. It will be accomplished on the first stages of doing this term requirement of the course. You need to confirm details like this with your advisor, especially students who are requesting a transfer of credits which were previously completed.

Your plan for your coursework writing and project will be placed in your official student file after you submit it and it is signed. You can still change your plan but get the approval of your advisor first. You also have the responsibility of submitting the revised form and have it approved so that you will have a degree completion evaluation which is accurate.

There are electronic versions of study and project plans which are provided by your university. You can download them from a website. Just be careful to identify the plan which is for your program. To accomplish the plan form, you simply edit and save it as a soft copy document to your computer then have it approved by your supervisor after getting an appointment with them for such purpose.

Assessment categories will help you accomplish your plan form. You have to include the necessary activities and put them in a logical sequence. To get the highest number of marks which is usually five (5), you have to include all the elements needed in producing, testing and evaluating your subject and they should have the appearance of being arranged in a realistic manner better than a waterfall approach. You should also be able to show that the tasks you listed have dependences in between each of them. Further, you need to consider activities outside our course and project which will affect the progress of your project and include them in your plan.

Milestones and deliverables are also part of your plan which you should highly consider. If you include four or five of them which are spread evenly over the course of your project, you will get the highest points for this category. These do not need to be very detailed about what will be delivered because the plan is initial in nature. Further, you have to make your plan realistic and believable as this is another category.

About Author: Daphne Coleman