Murray Describes Article 11 of the E-Commerce Directive as “Rather Anodyne” and a “Missed Opportunity” 


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Discuss the Findings of The Royal Commission of Inquiry Into Primary Education in Ireland (or Powis Commission) of 1868 


This essay looks at the state of primary school education in Ireland as discovered by the Powis Commission, including the physical condition of schools, the nature of teaching, the condition and status of teachers, and related cultural issues and how these findings would have affected a value-conscious British taxpayer and a hard working Irish teacher. The essay then concentrates on how teachers would have been further affected by the key recommendations of the Powis Commission, and by Rousseau’s theories of education.

Using the Cognitive-Behavioural Model in Assessing and Managing Patients with Schizophrenia: An Occupational Therapy Intervention 


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Macrophages and Hypoxic Tissues: The Accumulation, Functions and Alteration of Genetic Expression of Macrophages in Poorly Vascularized Tissues 


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