How to Understand Essay Questions 

Essay Question

The first step in essay writing is to understand the given question. It is necessary that you know exactly what […]

Steps in Writing an Essay 

writing an essay

Conquer the intimidating task of writing an essay by doing it step by step. You can successfully complete your essay […]

How to Improve Coursework Writing As a Process 


Process Activity – So that you will know how to improve coursework writing that you do, you must be aware of the aspects and underlying principles of this activity. This task is a process. You need to work with your teacher, tutor or professor.

Next, revising is necessary and it is the key to the collaborative work of improving the specific work and your writing skills in general. Also, you must refer to criteria on which to gauge your work and on which to work on.

Further, you should repeatedly consider the conventions and stylistic devices you are using to check whether they are still appropriate to your specific task especially considering the improvements you are making.

Suggestions for Selecting Accounting Essay Topics 


The academic accounting essays are not just written by university students taking up courses or degree programs in accounting, but those essays are also written by individuals studying courses or degree programs in business education, economics, finance, management, and other disciplines related to accounting. Accounting is a diverse discipline so that many topics could be obtained or formed from that discipline especially for students who have to perform accounting essay writing tasks.

Students who are given the option of choosing the topics for their accounting essays would initially be confused or struggle on how they would choose the right topics for their essays. However, they could just do some research about accounting and the students would learn that the easiest way to select the appropriate topics for their accounting essay writing tasks would be to concentrate the discipline of accounting into several major groups.

Accounting Scandals: Possible Topics for Accounting Essays 


Accounting essays and Finance essays do not always have to be boring. One of the most interesting topics a student can discuss in Accounting essays which, if one right, can leave a reader to be entertained and at the same time informed are corporate accounting scandals. These come to public consciousness through the disclosure of wrongdoing by executives of big public corporations.

Accounting scandals can be discussed in Accounting essays in the manner that the people doing it are able to do such fraud through “creative accounting”. Another interesting angle is how the perpetrators are able to do it without auditors knowing about it and how the problem is avoided from being seen at financial reports. Still another angle worth being pursued on the topic of accounting scandals is how the government and its finance agencies play a role in the launching and conduct of investigations connected with corporate accounting fraud.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Special Education 


When we think of special education, the first thing that comes to mind is special education teachers. We equate it a different set of educators. But aside from these professionals, there is also another angle in this kind of education. That is technology.

Educators in the special education area use technology in teaching. Students use computers and programs designed to help facilitate their learning. They also use specialised hardware equipment not only to aid their reading and exercising their learning but also to be able to support their body when doing so and to mobilise themselves. But not all that assistive technology give are advantages. There are also disadvantages.

The Line Between Open Educational Resources and Traditional Learning 


Students need traditional learning set ups. They also need to learn how to be effective in the use of open educational resources or OERs if they want to keep abreast with the changing times. There has been a debate whether traditional learning methods are fast becoming a thing of the past or that OERs are only minimal supplements. The answer is that there is a line between these two which need to be defined so that we can differentiate their respective importance and applicability. If we examine these two resources, what will lay between them is coursework help and other additional needs students have.

A Coursework Plan Based on Assessment Guidelines 


Plans are required of students who are in coursework writing. You will develop a plan of how you will study and submit it to your advisor for approval. The plan should be consistent with the program requirements and your goals with respect to academic knowledge and professional career which you have identified or will identify together with the plan.

The coursework writing and study plan will be formalised based on the appropriate program and degree. It will be accomplished on the first stages of doing this term requirement of the course. You need to confirm details like this with your advisor, especially students who are requesting a transfer of credits which were previously completed.

Tips for Successful Students 


The most common impediment to success encountered by college students (lack of effective techniques or methods for study and exam preparation). Successful students exhibit a combination of successful attitudes and behaviours as well as intellectual capacity. Chances are that if you are reading this, you are already a somewhat successful student. However, the higher up you go in the education hierarchy, the more schemes you will need to stay successful.

Short fiction writing: When your characters suck 


It’s easy to mistake short fiction writing as easy. It’s short, right? What could go wrong with a piece that hardly demands an awful bunch of word count, conflicts, characters and what-not? Well, here’s to bursting your bubble: short fiction writing is tough.

One of the primary issues encountered during short fiction writing is character formation. Creating them and making them breathe and live in your story is easy; but making their existence and their every move convincing in the readers’ eyes is always challenging.

Reading books or great works of fiction also helps bring an immeasurable pressure. At one side, you aspire to create something as or more awesome than your favourite characters. But the biting side does scare as you realise the enormity of the task.